A convenient sin

Its amazing how most of the troubles in our societies are seeded by something so small. I’m talking about our conception of what to care and what not to care about. Essentially, most people have a heart. I mean the same pink curvy shape that we all think most uniquely human. BUT we do forget sometimes most of our actions are as if we don’t have one. During my usual jog this evening, I noticed a few women playing with their kids by the lake. It was so innocent and heart warming I felt I missed carrying my camera. In the air, however there was tobacco smell. Someone somewhere is sitting on their balcony or by the lake itself is smoking away, perhaps welling up to this very scene I just saw. He or she doesn’t realize how bad this toxic smoke is for those little kids. In their innocence, they are ingesting this dangerous smoke into their fragile little bodies and mums also didn’t seem to realize it.

I have decided to come up with some ideas to do a campaign against the ignorance of the ill effects of passive smoking on little children. This is my new project. I also realized if I use my thinking for the betterment of the society, it would help me find a better balance with my environment.

If you think you strongly feel for this cause too, join me in my crusade. I am putting together a collection of practical ideas to do first do an awareness campaign in the UAE and then elsewhere too.


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